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Paypal Integration with rubyonrails application

Posted by firstruby on October 18, 2007

This is for testing purpose.

For Paypal integration,

Create an account at,

Then create 2 Test acounts (one ‘personal’ and ‘business’) under this test account as,
1. ‘Personal’ (who will pay money after purchase)
Your ‘personal’ email will look like,

2. ‘Business’ (one who is getting/receiving the money.)
Your ‘business’ email will look like,

Always remember to be logged in before proceeding with payment process through your Rails application.
Login to site with main login information of an account.
for me main account email: ‘’

Now create a payment form in your application as (sample form),

Download Sample Payment form

You can design form as per your need.
once you click on ‘Buy Now’ button by entering values, it will connect to sandbox paypal site, then make login to sandbox site with ‘personal’ account ( ) information and proceed with payment.

Then you can see the money added in your ‘business’ account from your ‘personal’ account.


One Response to “Paypal Integration with rubyonrails application”

  1. Srinivasan said

    Its working properly……

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