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Ruby on Rails becoming popular due to ….

Posted by firstruby on April 26, 2008

Here are few points why Rails is becoming popular,

1. Scalability: Rails application is more scalable as there are numerous options available, such as mongrel clusters on linux, mongrel win32 service for Windows.
2. Documentation: Rails has better documentation as we can always view the source of everything. Following are few sites for the best documentation for Rails like, (Documentation for all Rails version’s)
3. Community Support: Rails has huge community support as it is Open Source technology. It is excellent, like,
4. Hosting is not a problem: numerous hosting options available in Rails like,
Also there are many other sites for Rails application hosting with proper documentation.
Due to phusion passenger (mod_rails –, It seems to be easier these days to find rails application hosting. This is only going to influence more towards rails as time goes by for the simple fact that hosting companies do not have to pay royalties to anyone.
5. Development Methodology: Very good approach of Rails i.e, Transition from development to test and then to production better thought of in RoR
6. Deployment: Capistrano (the most common deployment technique for rails) beats everything.
7. Rails apps can be deployed on any OS.
8. Rails has built in ORM (Object Relational Mapping – ActiveRecord)
9. Rails apps can connect to multiple databases
10. Don’t requires licensing cost for Rails
11. Rails has complete support on all available OS
12. Rails has very good feature like “Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)” and “Convention over Configuration (CoC)”


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